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Key Highlights from the first half of 2011:

bulletManchester (UK) - January

    Avigdor Evangeline gains her 3rd CC and becomes GB Champion


bulletCrufts (UK) - March

    GB & IR CH Avigdor Jarko is Res CC

    GB CH Avigdor Evangeline & Avigdor Asgard win their respective classes


bulletNorthern TS Club Open Show (UK) - March

    Sommerlyst's Zi-Mi Piu is BIS


bulletCombined Canine International (IRE) - April

    Avigdor does the "octuple" taking both Green Stars (CAC), CACIBs, Res. GS & Res CACIBs with Avigdor Elvira (GS, CACIB, BOB), GB & IR CH. Avigdor Jarko (GS, CACIB), Avigdor Evangeline (Res GS, Res CACIB) and Avigdor Elfred (Res GS, Res CACIB)

    Avigdor Elvira gets Group 4


bulletWELKS (UK) - April

    DAN, IR & INT CH Sommerlyst's Them-Pa gets the Res CC

    Avigdor Amelia wins Limit


bulletHibernian (IRE) - May

    GB CH Avigdor Evangeline gets GS & BOB and Avigdor Elfred is Res GS

    Evangeline later gets Group 2


bulletBath (UK) - May

    Sommerlyst's Zi-Mi Piu gains her first CC & BOB and gets placed Group 4.


bulletCopenhagen Winner (DK) - June

    GB, IR & FR CH Avigdor Jarrod gets the CAC, CACIB & BOS becoming our 3rd Danish Champion


bulletSwords CH (IRE) - June

Avigdor Amelia is GS & BOB


bulletIrish Ladies (IRE) - July

    Avigdor Elfred is GS & BOB, Avigdor Amelia Res GS


bulletWorld Winner Show Paris 2011

    GB CH Avigdor Evangeline, CAC & CACIB, World Winner 2011

    GB & IR CH Avigdor Jarko, Res CAC

    GB, IR, DAN, FR CH Avigdor Jarrod, 2nd in Champion class


bulletDundalk (IRE) - July

    GB CH Avigdor Evangeline is GS, Avigdor Elfred Res GS


bulletLeeds (UK) - July

    DAN, IR & INT CH. Sommerlyst's Them-Pa gets the Res CC

    Sommerlyst's Zi-Mi Piu & Avigdor Elvira are respectively 1st & 2nd in Limit


bulletBangor (IRE) - July

    Avigdor Elvira is GS, GB CH Avigdor Evangeline Res GS


bulletDun Laoghaire (IRE) - July

    Avigdor Elfred is GS, GB CH Avigdor Evangeline Res GS


bulletBremen International (DE) - July

    GB, IR, FR, DAN CH Avigdor Jarrod gets 2 CACs, 2 CACIBs & 1 BOB and gains his International title