owned and bred by Ann Hughes, father of Avigdor Odin, Olivia, Oleandra and Otis in GB & IR CH. Avigdor Obrianna's only litter.
odon.jpg (20051 bytes)  

 UK.gif (280 bytes) GB CH. Inglespan Razzmatazz

  UK.gif (280 bytes)GB CH. Langshi Super Ted   UK.gif (280 bytes) GB CH. Deanford Hamish
 Langshi Chianti
  Inglespan Ka-U  Braeduke Kundu
Kensing Precious 

UK.gif (280 bytes) GB CH. Andor Mystic Meg

Andor Horacio UK.gif (549 bytes) GB CH. Reinbridge Simba of Souska
Taimani Anna Su Yen
Taimani Tan Rani for Talawa UK.gif (549 bytes) GB CH. Seaheart Dapper Dyla
Taimani Tig Le


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