Our breeding policy is simple. At Avigdor, we want to produce Tibetan Spaniels that have all the essential breed features which make the breed unique. While doing this, we never lose sight of producing dogs which have sound construction and temperament.

We pride ourselves on producing typical head of great quality and have worked hard to hold on to the correct head type. However, we are not blind to the other features and characteristic of our breed. We endeavour to produce a Tibetan Spaniel of outstanding quality, with sound temperament and a unique pedigree.

At Avigdor, we are not happy to follow what others are doing – we are continuously searching for unique and forgotten lines.

We do not in-breed and avoid so called " line-breeding " when we can.

We concentrate on our bitch lines. It is our opinion that only by having really strong bitches, can a breeding kennel keep producing the best stock. We do not have " brood-bitches ". All of our bitches are dual quality bitches – that is to say that they can win in the ring and also produce top winning stock. All of our bitches must win at the very least, a Reserve Green Star (Irish Res CC), before they can be bred from.

Ofcourse, a kennel cannot only have bitches. At Avigdor, we are always looking for the best males to complement our super bitches. In order of us to use a dog, he must fulfill the following criteria. He must
bulletBe an exceptional example of the breed
bulletHave bloodlines that are new to our breeding program
bulletHave a strong quality bitch line in his pedigree


Health and the overall well-being of our dogs in paramount to us. All our stock are tested clear of PRA and we only use stock that also have clear certification. We are also keen to ensure that other eye-conditions like dysticis & entropian are not introduced into our line.


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Last modified: May 04, 2010