South Western Tibetan Spaniels Association (UK) Championship Show –  04th March, 2007

I was delighted and honoured to be asked to judge this club show and was equally flattered by the wonderful entry I got. Many thanks to the committee for all their hard work and to the exhibitors who took all my decisions in a very sporting manner.

Again the overall quality in females outshone their male counterparts. I was extremely pleased with my bitch line-up and was really spoilt for choice when it came to the final decision. Having said this I was very happy also with my male line-up and delighted with my final winners.

Many of the younger classes provided me with several “young stars” and these I will watch with interest in the future. Likewise the veterans still have some exceptionally good quality dogs and many exhibits well capable of taking a ticket.

I did find quite a few level bites and one or two slightly over shot. Where there was sufficient width of chin I did not penalise a level mouth, especially if there was a lot to like about the exhibit. In general I feel that mouths have improved since I last judged.


Minor Puppy Dog

(1) Rose’s Caselden The Prodigal Son: Black & Tan with very clear markings. Pleasing outline. Very good head and expression with good chin and well shaped eyes. Very good front and good bone for size. Moves well when he has a mind to.

(2) Emus’s Traceclip Tommy:  Black & White parti-colour with attractive head and expression. Level mouth. Good eye shape and very good front. Well balanced for size. Excellent temperament and not phased at all by all the going’s on.

(3) Davey’s Samar Snow Lion


Puppy Dog

(1) Tollan’s Queshian Thor at Anasmas: A young star in the making. Red/gold in glamourous coat. Masculine head with excellent head and expression. Excellent balance for size. Super constructed and this showed in his lovely typical movement. Super temperament. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

(2) Lock’s Rosanley Ko-Ri at Paulin: Very appealing outline with very good head and clean expression. Would prefer a little more development in chin. Excellent positive mover. Excellent temperament.

(3) Emus’s Traceclip Tommy


Junior Dog

(1). Thompson & Prentice’s Tamrae Sanville Rhedd Butler: Lovely red with white markings. Needs to mature but lovely size and balance. In very good coat. Great ring presence and moves well both front and rear. Very nice profile movement once he had a chance to settle.

(2) Jenkins & Hourihane’s Amcross Kundun: Very similar type to (1) with a lot going for him. Lovely outline with correct shoulder placement and good reach in upper arm. Very nice head and expression with lovely eye and ear placement. Needed to develop in chest and a little more coat.

(3) Rose’s Caselden Mr Bojangles


Madien Dog

(1)   Rose’s Caselden The Prodigal Son:

(2). Morton’s Sparkenhills Tenshi: Very good outline with excellent topline and good reach of neck. Good head but a little full in eye for me. Good mouth and temperament. Excellent mover.

(3) Davey’s Samar Snow Lion


Novice Dog

(1). Tamrae Sanville Rhedd Butler:

(2). Lock’s Inglespan Storming Through to Paulin: Lovely head and expression with good mouth. Lovely well shaped eye. Pleasing out line but just a little long in loin. Excellent feet. Needs a little more coat to complete the picture.

(3) Rose’s Caselden The Prodigal Son


Post Gradutate Dog

(1). Reynolds Janstoun Gipsy Magic: Lovely outline with excellent topline and good reach of neck. Excellent shoulder placement and lovely reach of upper arm. Lovely eye and very good ear placement, would prefer a little more chin. Moves well, especially in profile.  In excellent coat and over all conditions.

(2). Borrett’s Taimani Tangelo: Very pleasing outline with a good head. Again would prefer a little more chin. Moves well with good drive. Very nice front and rear angulation.

(3) Redfern’s Philcar The Phantom


Mid Limit Dog

(1). Osburns Quailmoor Kifur: Black, Tan & White of exceptional quality. Lovely typical outline. Good reach of neck and excellent front and rear angulations. Lovely mover with good positive reach. Lovely masculine head without any trace of coarseness. Needs a tad more coat to complete the picture. RES CC.

(2). Tollan’s Anasmas Dream Lover: Pleasing outline but carrying a little too much weight which takes away alittle from the over all picture. Moves well. Very good construction. Excellent feet.

(3) Borrett’s Taimani Tangelo


Limit Dog

(1. )Morton’s Braeduke Serpo Tsante: Well constructed pale gold. Good size with just the right amount of bone. Pleasing head and expression. Good mouth . Excellent temperament. When settles, moves well.

(2). Poyer & Bodell’s Tinamba Angel of the Locket. Very pleasing ouline with good head and expression. Would prefer darker nose pigmentation. Good mouth. In excellent coat and overall condition. Another good mover.

(3) Llyid & Davies Baskwood Nyatri Tsenpo of Fernleat



Open Dog.

(1). Almond’s CH. Malia Valentine at Changtse: What a lovely well balanced young dog. Very pleasing head and expression with just the right amount of masculinity. Lovely eye shape and ear set. Excellent mover, covering the ground with effortless ease. In excellent overall conditions with good muscle tone. Beautifully presented. CC & BOB / BIS

(2). Tollans CH. Anasmas Macho Man at Sanville: The “evergreen” Macho Man – lovely head & expression with excellent chin. Correct body proportions and very pleasing outline. Good muscle tone but a little out of coat today.

(3) Blackshaw & Roberts P’zazz X-File to Souska


Special Beginner Dog:

(1). Borrett’s Taimani Tangelo

(2). Newmans Velrok Silver Domino: Well balanced outline and pleasing head. Needs to settle on the move. Well constructed with good rear angulation

(3) Borrett’s Silverset Nutcracker



Phyllis Mayhew Memorial Stakes Limit Dog:

(1). Rose’s Caselden The Pilgrim: Good quality gold. Good bone and substance for size. Very pleasing head with just the right amount of cushioning. Excellent pigmentation.

(2). Thomson & Prentice’s :Tamrae Sanville Rhedd Butler

(3) Didymus Tegas Mace


Veteran Dog

(1). Breeze & Styles CH. Hilsar Duar A Pala: What a lovely outline this dog has – lovely typical head with very good mouth. Excellent temperament and a true show man. Did not look his age. Excellent hare feet.

(2). Billington CH. Talawa Cuska by Lydanstone: Very close decision. Lovely masculine head and expression. Very pleasing outline with excellent topline. Moves well and great attitude.

(3) Atkin’s CH. Tsingay Jonathon Jo


Veteran Bitch

(1).Smeardon’s Braeduke Ku-Lu: Lovely feminine outline with everything in the right balance. Very good size and just loved her typical head and expression. Moves well with excellent angulations both front & rear. In excellent coat and over condition. BEST VETERAN

(2) Poyer & Bodell Taimani Lucy Locket at Tinamba:Very nice head and expression with good cushioning. In excellent coat and over all condition. Excellent length of upper arm. Moved well.

(3) Holman & Jeffreys Velrok Souhoura


Minor Puppy Bitch

(1). Davey’s Samar Classic Inspiration: Lovely outline with was ultra feminine. Pretty head and expression with a sparkling personality. Excellent pigmentation. Moves well with rear style. Will watch this one career with interest.

(2). Blackshaw & Roberts Souska Evighet: Lovely outline but a little raw in finish. Very nice profile with good angulation. Moves well and loved her confidence.

(3) Cottingham Perry’s Holly Blue


Puppy Bitch

(1). Lemon & Hutchinson Oldcharm Love You Long Time: Lovely outline and in super over all condition. Very attractive head and expression. Moves well but just a little close behind. Excellent front with just the right amount of bow.

(2). Smiths Velrok Silver Magic: Very nice quality Parti with a lovely head & expression. A little up on size but very sound and well constructed. Moved well with typical stride.

(3) Redfern’s Philcar Phor the Phuture


Junior Bitch

(1). Blackshaw & Roberts Souska Into the Dark: Good quality red with well balanced outline. Pleasing head without any trace of exaggeration.  Well sprung rib cage and good angulations which gave a very pleasing profile movement. In excellent coat.

(2). Sesstein’s Souska Who’s That Girl: Lovely head & expression and very pleasing outline. Moved well but would prefer a tad more angulation in rear. Another one in excellent overall condition.

(3) Lock’s Rhubisk Ruling the Roost at Paulin


Maiden Bitch

(1). Youngs Barrowgreen Polly Perkins: Red Gold with lovely head with very actractive eye. Would prefer a little more rear angulation. Moves well and in lovely condition.

(2).Donaldson’s Eulyn Euro Parti: Well marked parti with pleasing outline. Looked a little long in profile. Moves well and super temperament.

(3) Ryman’s Shepernie Just as I am


Novice Bitch

(1). Davey’s Samar Classic Inspiration:

(2). Close’s Velrok Silver Moonlight over Arikara: Pleasing well marked parti. Would prefer a little smaller but very sound and moved really nicely. Pleasing head and expression and in lovely coat.

(3) Ryman’s Shepernie Just as I am



Post Graduate Bitch:

(1). Lemon & Hutchinson’s Oldcharm Oh My Gosh: lovely feminine outline with super coat and just the right amount of substance. True mover both front and rear and with excellent front and rear angulation and excellent reach in upper arm. Excellent hare feet. Very appealing head with typical expression. Was delighted to award her her first CC. CC & Res BIS

(2). Rose’s Caselden Moonlight ‘n Roses: Pleasing head with well cushioned muzzle and good eye and ear placement. Well balanced outline, good size. In good coat and moves well.

(3) Wilson’s Yllastel Geisha Girl at Belismar


Mid Limit Bitch:

(1). Riley’s Baskwood Nyee Ma Zimpo: Lovely typical type with pleasing feminine head, lovely eye and well shaped skull and ear set. Excellent feet. Needs a little more coat to complete the picture. Moves well.

(2). Croucher’s Amcross Phlissa: Honest bitch with pleasing head. Well balanced outline with good proportions. Moves well with good drive.

(3) Reynold’s Shantess Starlight with Janstoun



Limit Bitch:

(1). Redfern’s Philcar Phantastic Flyer: Lovely balanced outline with pleasing feminine head and expression. Needs a bit more coat. Excellent front assembly. Moves well when settles.

(2). Dalrymple-Hay’s Parkplace Spring Blossom: Similar to (1) in type and profile. Excellent body and substance. Very pleasing feminine appearance. Excellent feet.

(3) Thompson & Prentice’s Tamrae Chanterelle


Open Bitch:

(1). Rose’s CH. Caselden Lily of the Valley: Lovely outline with good topline. In excellent coat and overall condition. Very attractive head with correct shaped skull and good ear set. Love the profile movement with correct even stride and effortless ease she covers ground. Res CC

(2). Whitehead & Johnson’s Rhubisk Kizzy: Excellent outline with very attractive feminine head with lovely reach of neck and topline. Needs a little more coat. Excellent shaped feet and moves very well.

(3) Jenkins & Hourihane Amcross Parti Phraya


Special Beginners Bitch

(1). Sesstein’s Souska’s Who’s That Girl:

(2). Smearson’s Chenrezi Queen of Diamonds: Pleasing outline with very nice profile standing. Atractive head and in good coat. Needs to settle on the move.

(3) Sherborne’s Samalyn Scotch Mist


Phyllis Mayhew Memorial Stakes Limit Bitch

(1). Simpson’s Samalyn Izzy Lets get Busy: Lovely type with pleasing head and good clear outline. In good coat and lovely overall condition. Good size and balance. Excellent temperament. Movement is correct and typical. Excellent shaped feet.

(2). Allman’s Shantess Moonbright: Lovely outline and very sound in construction and movement. Would like a little smaller but in excellent coat and overall condition. Good head with excellent chin. Excellent feet.

(3) Holman & Jeffrey’s Velrok Silver Fire



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