On Saturday 27th August 2005, I awarded CCs at the Scottish KC summer show near Edinburgh, UK.

CC dog and BOB: Anavrin Highland Fling at Auldearn

BOB winner on the left with Bitch CC, Karma Pennie Black

BP dog Anasmas So Macho and BPIB, the bitch Philcar the Phiesty One at Wellbarn


Tibetan Spaniels – SKC 27th August 2005


I would like to thank everyone for such a lovely entry. I was delighted and honoured to have the opportunity to go over some lovely dogs.

For me, Tibetan Spaniels are a breed of moderation – nothing should be extreme in any way. I prized highly essential breed characteristics such as eye shape, ear and nose placement, chins and hare-feet. I penalised heavy ears, round-eye (especially if they show white of eye), heavy skulls, low set tails, coarseness in bitches and feminity in dogs. I also promoted beautiful heads, with correct expression and penalised heads which were too big or out of proportion to body.

This is also a breed that should be able to move- our standard calls for movement to be “Quick-moving, straight, free, positive”. In order to do this, Tibetan Spaniels must have well laid back shoulders, a good length of upper arm and complimentary rear angulation. I was pleased to find that most exhibits had very good muscle tone.

Puppy Dog
(1) Tollan’s Anasmas So Macho. Beautiful outline with very good head and expression. Moves well both in front and rear. In excellent coat and overall condition. Very good muscle tone. (2) Tollan’s Anasmas Dream Lover Litter brother to (1). Beautiful red in full coat. Good mouth. Very nice eye shape. Was not as confident as brother moving. Very pleasing outline.(3) Brightwell & Young’s Strix Essence of Fire

Junior Dog
Smith’s Torfness Wun Step Phurther. Lovely outline and in very good coat. Good head & expression. A little over-cushioned in muzzle but this did not take from the overall expression, which was very pleasing. Moves well in front but just a little close behind. (2) Morton’s Braeduke Sepro Tsante A lively young man who’s movement was difficult to asses. Very nice outline and in good coat for age. Pleasing head and expression. Very good feet. Excellent angulation(3) Tollan’s Anasmas Action Man

Post Graduate Dog
(1) Croucher’s Bruesown Ranjee Very pleasing outline with good head and expression. Nothing over-done on this dog. Needs and bit more coat to complete the picture. Moves well with typical drive.Good muscle tone. (2) Simper & Scoates Clydum Royal Jester Well balanced dog with good head and expression. Needs a little more weight and coat. Good topline and moves well. (3) Thompson’s Naruan Starstealer at Amykins

Limit Dog
(1) Armstrong’s Friarlands September Storm Lovely outline with very typical head and expression. Overall impression is balanced and well proportioned. Needs a bit more coat. True mover, with good front and rear angulation. Super top-line  (2) Croucher Bruesown Barnaby Red with excellent pigmentation. Pleasing outline and typical head and expression. Very good mouth. Another one who could do with a bit more coat. Very nice moving, especially in profile. (3) Leach & Muldoon’s  Torfness Who’s Luk N Now

Open Dog – the best class in males. Very close decision between each dog.
(1) Brown’s CH. Anavrin Highland Fling at Audearn In this one I found everything I would look for in a dog. A beautiful masculine head, without any trace of coarseness, set on a perfectly constructed body. He has a lovely typical expression with good ear and nose set. His movement is free and positive and is in overall lovely condition. CC & BOB (2) Tollan’s CH. Anasmas Macho Man at Sanville Super outline and in lovely overall condition. Good coat texture and beautifully presented. Good topline and well anglulated. Good head but preferred the expression of (1). Moves well.(3) Croucher’s CH Bruesown Getchi Gomba


Puppy Bitch
(1) Simper & Scotes Philcar The Phiesty One at Wellbarn Feminine outline with typical head and expression. Very good chin and beautiful eye shape and set. Moves well with great confidence and style. Had  great pleasure in awarding her the BP and Res CC. No doubt this one will have a very promising future, which I will follow with great interest. (2) Brightwell & Youngs Strix Essence of Spirit Promising youngster who was unfortunate to meet (1). Very pleasing head. Good coat and body. Moves well.(3) Harvey’s & Quest’s Rosanley Thyme Tu Party at Chenrezi

 Junior Bitch
(1) Campbell’s Rosanley Four Thymes a Lady Lovely outline with very pleasing head and expression. Excellent mouth. In very good overall condition. Good topline. Moves well. (2) Jenkins & Hourihane Amcross Vista Promising youngster with good head and expression. Needs a bit more coat to complete the picture. Not really enjoying her day out, but moves well when she has a mind too.(3) Queen Latifa by Queshian

Post Graduate Bitch
(1) Gripp’s Karma Pennie Black – This outstanding black & tan bitch has it all and has none of the usual black & tan faults. Lovely head and expression with very good mouth and chin. Perfect markings set off this bitches beautiful expression. Well balance outline, with just the right amount of neck. Coat in mint condition. Her movement is flawless and her attentivness to her handler was unbroken. Her qualities and condition shone out and  I could have no hesitation in awarding her the bitch CC.  (2) Bruce’s Naruan Future Prospect  Pleasing head and expression with good nose placement and eye. A little long in body, but outline is good and balanced. In good overall condition. Moves well.(3) Blackshaw & Robert’s Souska Now And Forever

Limit Bitch – hardest fought class in bitches.
(1) Redfern’s Philcar Phantastic Flyer Beautiful head & expression set on a well constructed body. Very pleasing outline with very good topline. Showing her heart out today. True mover, both front and rear. Good chin and mouth. In the challenge pushed hard for the Res CC but just preferred her younger sisters cushioning. I am sure that this one will have a bright future. (2) Hamilton’s Tibanchi Kushi Ming Lovely feminine bitch in full and flowing coat. Very close decision. Lovely head and well constructed. A little hesitant on the move. In lovely overall condition. (3) Jenkins and Hourihan’s Amcross Hinni 

Open Bitch
(1)Smith’s Torfness Lu kno Phur Ther A lovely honest bitch with a very pretty head and expression. Very good chin, ear set and eye placement. In super overall condition. Moves well, but just a little close behind. Unfortunate to meet so many wonderful young girls.(2) Amcross Parti Phraya Another feminine head and expression with pleasing outline. Needs a little more coat. Moves true. Very pleasing outline with good proportions. Excellent temperament.(3) Westin’s Nord.CH. P’zazz Qummin


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